Bibliomysteries galore! Da es viele Buchreihen kriminalistischer Natur gibt, in denen Bibliothekarinnen (seltener Bibliothekare) in einer tragenden Rolle mitspielen, verdienen sie eine eigene Seite in meiner Bibliographie! Ein häufiges Motiv ist übrigens, dass sich Bibliothekarin und Polizist oder Bibliothekar und Polizistin im Laufe der Buchreihe näher kommen… Geordnet ist die Liste nach dem Namen der Reihe, in Klammer dahinter findet sich der Name der Autorin oder des Autors.

Nicht-bibliothekarische Krimireihen, bei denen in einzelnen Bänden Bibliothekar_innen vorkommen, oder bibliothekarische „Einzelkrimis“ werden in der allgemeinen Belletristik-Übersicht angezeigt. Verlage und Erscheinungsdaten fehlen zum Teil noch und werden demnächst ergänzt.

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Amicus Curiae Mysteries (Jeffrey Miller)

Murder at Osgoode Hall. ECW Press 2004

Murder’s Out of Tune. ECW Press 2005

Murder on the Rebound. ECW Press 2007

Annie Quitnot Mysteries (Gunilla Caulfield)

Murder On Bearskin Neck

Murder at Hammond Castle

Murder in Pigeon Cove

Ashton Corners Book Club Mysteries (Erika Chase)

A Killer Read

Read And Buried

Cover Story

Book Fair And Foul

Law And Author

Aurora Teagarden Mysteries (Charlaine Harris)

Real Murders. John Curley & Assoc. 1991
* Twenty-eight-year-old Aurora Teagarden, professional librarian, belongs to the Real Murders club, a group of 12 enthusiasts who gather monthly to study famous baffling or unsolved crimes.

A Bone to Pick. New York: Walker 1992
* Keywords: Teagarden, Aurora Roe (Fictitious character), Women librarians, Georgia, Detective and mystery stories

Three Bedrooms, One Corpse. New York: Scribner 1994

The Julius House. New York: Scribner 1995

Dead over Heels. Thorndike: Thorndike Press 1997. New York: Scribner 1996

A Fool and His Honey. New York: St. Martin’s Minotaur 1999

Last Scene Alive. Chivers Large Print 2003 New York : St. Martin’s Minotaur, 2002.

Poppy Done to Death. New York: St. Martin’s Minotaur 2003

All The Little Liars

Sleep Like a Baby

The Dawn of Aurora Teagarden

The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Omnibus 1

The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Omnibus 2

Bibliophile Mysteries (Kate Carlisle)

Homicide in Hardcover

If Books Could Kill

The Lies That Bind

Murder Under Cover

Pages of Sin

One Book in the Grave

Peril in Paperback

A Cookbook Conspiracy

The Book Stops Here

Ripped From the Pages

Books of a Feather

Once Upon a Spine

Biscuit McKee Mystery Series (Fran Stewart)

Orange as Marmalade. Lightning Source 2003 / 2. Aufl. Doggie in the Window Publications 2004
* „small town librarian Biscuit McKee finds a body in the library“.

Yellow as legal pads. Doggie in the Window Publications 2004

Green as a Garden Hose. Doggie in the Window Publications 2007
* „Today started off in such an ordinary way. But now I, Bisque McKee (Biscuit to most people), Martinsville’s librarian, was clinging to a cliff, staring at Diane Marie Ames’ body forty feet below me…“.

Blue as blue jeans. Doggie in the Window Publications 2005
* „Once again Biscuit McKee, the town librarian, struggles with the wide-ranging ripples that distrust spreads through a community“.

Bookmobile Cat Mysteries (Laurie Cass)

Lending a Paw

Tailing a Tabby

Borrowed Crime

Pouncing on Murder

Cat With A Clue

Book Retreat Mysteries (Ellery Adams)

Murder in the Mystery Suite

Murder in the Paperback Parlor

Cat in the Stacks Mysteries (Miranda James)

Murder Past Due

Classified as Murder

File M for Murder

Out of Circulation

The Silence of the Library

Arsenic and Old Books

No Cats Allowed

Twelve Angry Librarians

Claire Renier Series (Judith Van Gieson)

The Stolen Blue

Vanishing Point

Confidence Woman

Land of Burning Heat

The Shadow of Venus

Cozy Cataloger Mysteries (Charity K. Martin)

Buried in the Backlog. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2012

Curious Librarian Cozy Mysteries (Zana Hart)

Dead in the Stacks

Bad weather, bad man

The dog barked murder

Custer’s Mill Mystery Series (Mary Fulk Larson = Mary M. Smith, Tammy Fulk Cullers, Barbara Larson Finnegan)

The series set in Virginia features Librarian Emma Kramer and her library volunteers.

Murder on Rosemary Street (2015)

Dewey James Mysteries (Kate Morgan)

A slay at the races. New York: Berkley 1990

Home sweet homicide. New York: Berkley Books 1991

Murder must fowl. New York: Berkley Publishing Group 1991

Days of crime and roses. New York: Berkley Books 1992.

Mystery loves company. New York: Berkley Books 1992

Wanted: dude or alive. New York: Berkley Prime Crime 1994

The old school dies. A Dewey James mystery. New York: Berkley Prime Crime 1996

Far Wychwood Mysteries (Patricia Harwin)

Arson and Old Lace. Wheeler Publishing 2005 / Simon & Schuster 2005
* „You’re a librarian, not a detective,“ Catherine Penny’s daughter reminds her. Catherine, suddenly single in her sixties, is leaving behind New York City and a failed marriage for a lovely 17th-century cottage in the idyllic English village of Far Wychwood. But behind the town’s quaint stone walls and lace-curtained windows lurk dark secrets and whispers of witchcraft. And when her crusty neighbor dies in a tragic fire, Catherine alone suspects arson.

Slaying Is Such Sweet Sorrow. Wheeler Publishing 2005
* Librarian and former New Yorker Catherine Penny has settled in the tiny English town of Far Wychwood. But nowhere is too far for painful memories when her ex-husband, who left her single in her sixties, arrives with his new lady love. Catherine can’t avoid him at an awards ceremony for their son-in-law, Peter, who is a shoo-in for a prestigious appointment at Mercy College. Then Peter’s rival for the appointment is found murdered…

Glynis Tryon Mysteries / Seneca Falls Historical Mysteries (Miriam Grace Monfredo)

Seneca Falls Inheritance. St. Martin’s Press 1992 (Deutsche Übersetzung von Marion Kappel: Das Erbe von Seneca Falls. Ein historischer Kriminalroman. Frankfurt: Fischer 1997)
* „An einem schwülen Morgen des Jahres 1848 findet Glynis Tryon, Bibliothekarin der Kleinstadt Seneca, im Kanal die Leiche einer jungen Frau. Am Tag zuvor hatte die Unbekannte sie auf die Novellierung des Erbschaftsgesetzes zugunsten von Frauen angesprochen. Glynis, die an der Vorbereitung der ersten amerikanischen Frauenrechtsversammlung mitwirkt, kommt einer mörderischen Intrige auf die Spur…“ (aus: ZVAB)

North Star Conspiracy. New York: St. Martins Press 1993
* Tryon, Glynis (Fictitious character), Underground railroad, Women librarians, Fugitive slaves, New York (State)–History–1775-1865, Seneca Falls (N.Y.), Detective and mystery stories, Historical fiction

Through a Gold Eagle: A Glynis Tryon Mystery. Berkley 1996
* Tryon, Glynis (Fictitious character), Women librarians, New York (State)–History–1775-1865, Seneca Falls (N.Y.), Detective and mystery stories, Historical fiction

Must the maiden day. New York: Berkley Publishing Group 1999

The Stalking Horse. New York: Berkley Prime Crime 1998
* Tryon, Glynis (Fictitious character), Women librarians, New York (State)–History–Civil War, 1861-1865, Seneca Falls (N.Y.), Detective and mystery stories, Historical fiction

Blackwater Spirits. St. Martins Press 1995
* Tryon, Glynis (Fictitious character), Women librarians, New York (State)–History–1775-1865, Seneca Falls (N.Y.), Detective and mystery stories, Historical fiction

India Hayes Mysteries (Amanda Flower)

Maid of Murder

Murder in a Basket

Jamie Brodie Mysteries (Meg Perry)

Cited to Death

Hoarded to Death

Burdened to Death

Researched to Death

Encountered to Death

Psyched to Death

Stacked to Death

Stoned to Death

Talked to Death

Avenged to Death

Played to Death

Filmed to Death

Trapped to Death

Promoted to Death

Published to Death

Jacqueline Kirby Mysteries (Elizabeth Peters)

The Seventh Sinner. Avon Books 1972 / 2005

The Murders of Richard III. Avon Books 1974 / 2004

Die for Love. Avon Books 2002
* Nebraska librarian Jacqueline Kirby heads to New York City for the annual convention of historical romance writers. Jacqueline finds herself a star player in a scenario of greed, jealousy, and murder when the sudden „natural“ death of a gossip columnist seems anything but.

Naked Once More. New York: Warner Books 1989
* Novel featuring Jacqueline Kirby, the librarian/novelist from „Die for Love“. She’s selected to write a sequel to a book whose author is missing and presumed dead. As Jacqueline begins the project she becomes the victim of some nasty accidents.

Latouche County Mysteries (Sheila Simonson)

Buffalo Bill’s Defunct

An Old Chaos

Beyond Confusion

League Of Literary Ladies Mysteries (Kylie Logan)

Drei Frauen werden zur Teilnahme an einem Buchklub in der Bibliothek verdonnert.

Mayhem at the Orient Express

A Tale Of Two Biddies

The Legend Of Sleepy Harlow

And Then There Were Nuns

Gone with the Twins

Lexie Starr Cozy Mystery Series (Jeanne Glidewell)

Leave No Stone Unturned (2008)

The Extinguished Guest (2010)

Haunted (2012)

With this Ring

The Spirit of the Season

Just Ducky

Cozy Camping

Librarian Mysteries (Mary Lou Kirwin)

Killer Librarian

Death Overdue

The Library Fuzz (James Holding)

Im Mittelpunkt steht Hal Johnson, ein Polizist, der nach fünf Jahren bei der Mordkommission Bibliothekspolizist (library detective) geworden ist: „What I do is chase down stolen and overdue books for the public library. Most of my work is routine and unexciting – but every once in a while I run into something that adds pepper to an otherwise bland diet“. Denn Leute verstecken alles Mögliche in Bibliotheksbüchern, von Drogen über den Schlüssel zum Schließfach mit der Beute bis zum Testament. Und so wird man auch als Büchereinsammler mit Mord und Totschlag konfrontiert ;-) Diese unterhaltsame Sammlung von Kurzgeschichten ist als eBook in der Megapack-Reihe bei Wildside Press erschienen. „Fuzz“ ist übrigens ein veraltender Slang-Begriff für Polizei bzw. Polizisten.

Library Fuzz

More than a mere storybook

The bookmark

The elusive Mrs. Stout

Hero with a headache

Still a cop

The mutilated scholar

The Savonarola syndrome

The henchman case

The young runners

The honeycomb of silence

The Jack O’Neal affair

The reward

The search for Tamerlane


The book clue

The vapor clue

The misopedist

Cause for alarm

Hell in a basket

Library Lover’s Mysteries (Jenn McKinlay)

Books Can Be Deceiving

Due Or Die

Book, Line And Sinker

Read It and Weep

On Borrowed Time

A Likely Story

An Unlikely Meeting [short story]

Better Late Than Never

Lighthouse Library Mysteries (Eva Gates)

By Book Or By Crook

Booked For Trouble

Reading Up A Storm

Little Library Mysteries (Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli)

A Most Curious Murder

Lucy Stone Mysteries (Leslie Meier)

Lucy Stone ist Reporterin, aber auch Mitglied des Library Board. In „Valentine Murder“ wird eine Bibliothekarin ermordet.

Mistletoe Murder. New York: Kensington Books 1998 [Mail Order Murder]

Tippy Toe Murder. A Lucy Stone Mystery. New York: Kensington Books 1996

Trick or Treat Murder. 1996

Back to School Murder. 1997

Valentine murder. New York: Kensington Books 1999 / Repr. Kensington Publications 2009
– Stone, Lucy (Fictitious character), Women librarians–Crimes against, Women detectives–Maine, Valentine’s Day, Detective and mystery stories

Christmas Cookie Murder. 1999

Turkey Day Murder. 2000

Wedding Day Murder. 2001

Birthday Party Murder. 2002 / Repr. Kensington 2008

Father’s Day Murder. 2003

Star Spangled Murder. Kensington 2005

New Year’s Eve Murder. 2005

Bake sale murder. Kensington 2007

St. Patrick’s Day Murder. 2008

Mother’s Day Murder. 2009

Wicked Witch Murder. 2010

Gingerbread Cookie Murder. 2010 [with Joanne Fluke / Laura Levine]

Magical Cats Mysteries (Sofie Kelly)

Curiosity Thrilled The Cat

Sleight Of Paw

Copycat Killing

Cat Trick

Final Catcall

A Midwinter’s Tail

Faux Paw

Two Tall Tails

Paws And Effect

Miss Zukas Mysteries (Jo Dereske)

Miss Helma (Wilhelmina) Zukas ist Bibliothekarin in der öffentlichen Bücherei von Bellehaven und wird mit ihrer Freundin Ruth, einer flippigen Künstlerin, immer wieder in Mordfälle verwickelt, zu deren Aufklärung die beiden erheblich beitragen.

Miss Zukas and the Library Murders

Miss Zukas and the Island Murders

Miss Zukas and the Stroke of Death

Miss Zukas and the Raven’s Dance

Out of Circulation

Final Notice

Miss Zukas in Death’s Shadow

Miss Zukas Shelves the Evidence

Bookmarked to Die

Catalogue of Death

Index to Murder

Farewell, Miss Zukas

The mobile library (Ian Samsom)

The Case of the Missing Books. HarperPerennial 2006
* „the young, Jewish, duffle-coat wearing librarian who solves crimes, mysteries, and domestic problems all whilst driving a mobile library“

Mr Dixon disappears. HarperPerennial 2006

The Delegates Choice. Harper Collins 2008

The bad book affair. William Morrow Paperbacks 2010

Morgue Mama Mysteries (C.R. Corwin)

genau genommen ist die Hauptfigur Dolly Madison Sprowls („Morgue Mama“) keine Bibliothekarin, sondern eine Zeitungsarchivarin, aber ausnahmsweise nehme ich so eine auch auf ;-)

The Cross Kisses Back. Poisoned Pen Press 2003 / 2008

Dig. Poisoned Pen Press 2008

The Unraveling of Violeta Bell. Poisoned Pen Press 2008

Murder by the Yard Mysteries / Megan Clark Mysteries ( D. R. Meredith)

Murder in Volume

By Hook or by Book

Murder Past Due

Tome of Death

Murder By the Book

Mystic Mysteries (Rubianne Wood)

The Blooming Library
* „In such a picturesque small town, you would expect peace and solitude, but not so in Bayneville, Arkansas. There is something lurking just below the surface, plaguing the residents with happenings of the supernatural. Lily, a new university graduate, is innocently unaware that she is being hired as the city librarian, not for her scholastic achievement or qualifications, but for her repressed psychic abilities.“

Ophelia And Abby Mysteries (Shirley Damsgaard)

Witch Way To Murder. Avon 2005

Charmed To Death. Avon 2006

The Trouble With Witches. Avon 2006

Witch Hunt. Avon 2007

The Witch Is Dead. Avon 2007

The Witch’s Grave. Avon 2008

The Seventh Witch. Avon 2010

Phee Jefferson Books (Amy E. Lilly)

Death is Long Overdue

Summer Reading is Killing Me

Permanently Deleted

Browsing for Trouble

Portland Bookmobile Mysteries (B.B. Cantwell)

Main Character: Hester McGarrigle, Bookmobile Librarian, Portland, Oregon

Murdermobile (2013)

Corpse of Discovery (2014)

Scrappy Librarian Mysteries (Marion Moore Hill)

Bookmarked for Murder

Death Books a Return

Cook the Books

Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries ( Elizabeth Lynn Casey)

Sew Deadly

Death Threads

Pinned For Murder

Deadly Notions

Dangerous Alterations

Reap What You Sew

Let It Sew

Remnants Of Murder

Taken In

Wedding Duress

Needle And Dread

Patterns after Death

Supperclub Mysteries (J.B. Stanley)

Die Supperclub Mysteries wurden ursprünglich unter dem Namen J.B. Stanley veröffentlicht und später unter dem Namen Ellery Adams neu aufgelegt.

Carbs and Cadavers. Midnight Ink 2006

Fit to die. Midnight Ink 2007

Chili con corpses. Midnight Ink 2008

Stiffs and Swine. Midnight Ink 2008

The Battered Body. Midnight Ink 2009

Turing Hopper Mysteries (Donna Andrews)

You’ve Got Murder. Berkley 2004

Click Here for Murder. Berkley 2004

Access Denied. Berkley 2005 / Thorndike 2005

Delete All Suspects. Berkley 2006

Exkurs: Buchhandels-Krimireihen

Black Cat Bookshop Mysteries (Ali Brandon)

Double Booked for Death

A Novel Way to Die

Words With Fiends

Literally Murder

Plot Boiler

Twice Told Tail

Books by the Bay Mysteries (Ellery Adams)

A Killer Plot

A Deadly Cliché

The Last Word

Written In Stone

Poisoned Prose

Lethal Letters

Writing All Wrongs

Booktown Mysteries (Lorna Barrett)

Murder Is Binding

Bookmarked For Death

Bookplate Special

Chapter & Hearse

Sentenced To Death

Murder on the Half Shelf

Not The Killing Type

Book Clubbed

A Fatal Chapter

Title Wave

A Just Clause

Magical Bookshop Mysteries (Amanda Flower)

Crime and Poetry

Prose and Cons

Scottish Bookshop Mysteries (Paige Shelton)

The Cracked Spine

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