Belletristik – B

Frances H. Bachelder: The iron gate. London: Minerva 2000
* Librarians, New England, Love stories
* Inhalt: William Crampton, a somewhat shy librarian with artistic leanings, returns to his New England hometown in the early 1920s, to pursue his dream of establishing his close-knit community’s first library. His artistic temperament, his ability to hear the words and music others are unconscious of – shared only with his faithful dog, Bodleian and William’s friend Phineas – rally the community into following his inspired lead in designing, funding and maintaining their new focal point and prize asset, even through the Depression, vicissitudes and simple social changes that follow. In counterpoint to the communal theme, an intensely personal love story emerges between William and his closest friend and housekeeper, Jessie, culminating in the celebration of their marriage (Klappentext).

Harlan H. Ballard: Adventures of a Librarian. New York: Walter Neale 1929

Abby Bardi: The Book of Fred. New York: Washington Square Press 2001.
* Keywords: Teenage girls, Suburban life, Fundamentalism, Foster parents, Women librarians, Eccentrics and eccentricities, Washington Metropolitan Area

Joan Barfoot: Plain Jane. Women’s Press 1992 (Warten auf Mr. Smith. Kunstmann 1993 / Fischer Taschenbuch 1997)
* Geschichte einer Brieffreundschaft zwischen einer Bibliothekarin und einem Häftling; nettes Ende

Adrienne Basso: A night to remember. New York: Kensington Pub. 2000 (= Zebra bouquet romances)
* Keywords: Women librarians, Children’s librarians

Peter S. Beagle: We Never Talk About My Brother. Tachyon 2009
* „This collection features wistful stories about kings, librarians, death, anchormen, poetry battles, and love.“

Larry Beinhart: The Librarian. Nation Books 2004

Ann Bell: Montana Distant Love. Thorndike 2005 (=Thorndike Candlelight Romance)
* When Rebecca Sutherland retires as the librarian at Rocky Bluff High School in Montana, she accepts a position in Guam. Before she leaves, the house next door burns down and her home becomes the investigation command center. Partnered with the handsome fire chief, she attempts to unravel the mystery surrounding the fire – while ignoring the sparks of romance. Can Distant Love survive her two-year contract?

Aimee Bender: The Girl in the Flammable Skirt. Stories. Doubleday 1998 / New York: Anchor Books 1999 (italienische Ausgabe: Grida il mio nome. 1. Aufl. Einaudi 2002)
* Eine Bibliothekarin spielt die Hauptrolle in der Kurzgeschichte „Quiet please“.

Nikki Benjamin: The Major and the Librarian. Silhouette Books 1999, Serie Special Edition
* Kitschroman, von Verlag euphemistisch „women’s fiction“ genannt

Glen Berger: Underneath the Lintel. Broadway Play Pub 2003
* Inhalt: The librarian tells the story of what happened when he found a Baedeker’s travel guide, checked out over a century ago, returned in the slot by an unknown patron. In the solo show, the clues stemming from the book send the Dutch librarian, who has never left Holland, on a chase around the world, from New York and London to China and Australia.

Hannah Bernard: Baby chase. Richmond: Mills & Boon 2003 (Mills & Boon tender romance TR208)
*Being forced to share a house with a sexy stranger isn’t Erin Avery’s idea of fun! Particularly since Nathan Chase seems to have an opinion on every aspect of her life especially her determination to have a baby alone! Erin’s made an appointment at the fertility clinic, and she’s going to keep it whatever Nathan may think! Until he shocks her with a proposal that he could father her baby.

Doris Betts: Heading west. Touchstone Books 1995
* A small-town librarian with big dreams is resigned to a dull vacation with her sister and brother-in-law – until a thief accosts the group and kidnaps her. [Amazon]

Therese Bichsel: Die Reise zum Einhorn. Roman. Gümlingen: Zytglogge-Verlag 1999
* Bibliothekarin ; Lebenskrise ; Recherche ; Einhorn ; Belletristische Darstellung

Linda S. Bingham: What the Librarian Heard. Austin: Eakin 2001

Charity Blackstock: Dewey Death. Ballantine 1985

J.H. Blair (Hrsg.): „The Hot Spots: The Best Erotic Writing in Modern Fiction“. New York: Berkley 2001
* enthält einen Text von Aimee Bender. Beschreibung: „Aimee Bender takes a normally sedate librarian through a licentious afternoon“. Den genauen Titel konnte ich noch nicht eruieren.

Irene Böhme: Die Buchhändlerin. Rowohlt Taschenbuch 2000

Anthony Boucher: „QL 696.C9“. In: Michael Cart (Hrsg.): In the stacks. Short stories about libraries and librarians. Woodstock: Overlook Press 2002, S. 157 – 171

Barry Bowes: Between the stacks. Landesman 1979

Ray Bradbury: „Exchange“. In: Michael Cart (Hrsg.): In the stacks. Short stories about libraries and librarians. Woodstock: Overlook Press 2002, S. 246 – 255

Carol Winifred Bradley: Miss Pinn: The case of the missing librarian. Bird in Hand Press 1975

Beatrice Brandon [= R.W. Krepps]: The Court of Silver Shadows. Bantam Dell 1980 / Garden City: Doubleday 1980
* Keywords: Women librarians, Detective and mystery stories

Alois Brandstetter: So wahr ich Feuerbach heiße. dtv 1992
* „ich, Primus Feuerbach, Bibliothekar in der bescheidenen Volksbibliothek einer mittleren Kleinstadt im Kleinstaat Österreich“ (S. 5)

Evelyne Brisou-Pellen / Véronique Deiss [Ill.]: Le Grand Amour du bibliothécaire. Castermann 1996
* der hier geschilderte Bibliothekar kauft keine Bücher, weil er eh schon eines hat, und putzt den ganzen Tag die Regale. Als eines Tages eine junge hübsche Frau in die Bibliothek kommt und sein einziges Buch liest, ändert sich die Ankaufspolitik drastisch – schließlich will der Bibliothekar, dass sie wiederkommt. Ein Highlight!

Heidi Bronner: Geld macht nicht unglücklich. Dörner 1962
* Freudig nimmt Gina Korn, Bibliothekarin in München, die Einladung eines steinreichen Onkels in die Schweiz an. Im Tessin erwrtet sie bei dem exzentrischen alten herrn ein Luxusleben in einer Traumvilla. Gina fällt es schwer, sich diesem neuen, ungewohnten Lebensstil anzupassen. Der einzige Mensch, mit dem sie sich versteht, ist der Industrielle Axel Goslar, der nichts von dem Gehabe der übrigen versnobten Gesellschaft an sich hat.

Anita Brookner: Look at me. 1st American edition. New York: Pantheon Books 1983 / English ed. London: J. Cape 1983
* A novel which follows Frances Hinton, a shy, clever woman who works in a medical library and spends her evenings in solitude writing fiction, when she is adopted by Nick, and his equally dazzling wife Alix.

Anita Brookner: Percy Lewis. Chivers Press 1990, Jonathan Cape 1989, Penguin 1990, Vintage 1991
* After his mother dies, Lewis takes a humble library job and searches for a wife. He settles on Tissy Harper, a library assistant as virginal as himself; she has the added emotional handicap of agoraphobia, and is tied to her formidable mother. Instead of fulfilling his idealistic longings, marriage robs Lewis of his dreams.
* „portrayal of a man torn between the reassuring cloister of the library and the alluring but terrifying world of the senses, a world populated by women who persist in bewildering him“

Heather Brown: The Librarian’s Naughty Habit. Olympiapress 2006
* „Only the second installment from Greenleaf’s legendary series of librarian porn. Young librarian Samantha finds work as the assistant to Miss Greenstalk, but things go awry when a book–the, ahem, „Joy of Lust“–launches Sam into a world of secret desires“.

Marshall Browne: Inspector Anders and the Ship of Fools. 1st ed. New York: Thomas Dunne Books 2002
* Keywords: Terrorism–Prevention, Police–Italy, Women librarians

Günter de Bruyn: Buridans Esel. Fischer 2002

Wolfgang de Bruyn: Varianten eines Lebens. Erzählungen über fünf Frauen. Berlin / Weimar: Aufbau Verlag 1988
* Blumenbinderin, Horterzieherin, Direktorin, Bibliothekarin, Apothekerin – das sind die Berufe der fünf Frauen, über die W. de Bruyn erzählt. Das 30. Jahr haben sie hinter sich, ihr Alltag dreht sich um Arbeit oder Familie. Sie sind angekommen an einem Punkt, der eine erste Bilanz ermöglicht. Sie leiden unter dem Empfinden, nicht in dem Maße zu lieben und geliebt zu werden, wie sie es wünschen….

Barbara Büchner: Die Weihnachtsbraut. Voodoo Press 2011

Royce Buckingham: Demonkeeper. Putnam 2007
* Demons are all around usmost of them are relatively harmless, like the ones that go bump in the night or make you stub your toe. But some are dangeroussome can kill. Since he was orphaned as a boy, Nat has been trained by his aged mentor Daliwahl to be a demonkeeper, controlling a menagerie of demons in their old, rickety house in Seattle. But now Dahliwahl is gone and Nat is on his own. Keeping demons isnt a very social activity, and when Nat goes on a date with Sandy, a junior librarians assistant, its a disaster in more ways that onewhile Nats out, a very scary demon called the Beast escapes. Can Nat get the Beast back to the house and make things right with Sandyand do it all by himselfü With its fast-paced action, slapstick humor, and a winning, unlikely hero, „Demonkeeper“ is a high-spirited romp that will keep readers glued to the page.

Ludima Gus Burton: The Wedding Cake. Avalon 2005
* Katherine has had her eye on the property adjacent to the library she runs with the intention of expanding. So when Andy puts a bid in to buy the property—and wins—the sparks begin to fly. Both get more than they bargained for and are forced to work out their differences while falling head over heels in love.

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