Belletristik – L

Jennifer LaBrecque: Barely mistaken. Richmond: Mills & Boon 2003 (= Mills & Boon sensual romance SR139)
* Women librarians, Businessmen, Mistaken identity, Pregnancy, Love stories
* Olivia Cooper’s respectable fiancé Adam Rutledge is handsome, wealthy but oh, so dull. Until one night, at a costume party, Adam shows another side: daring, dangerous and very, very sexy. Rebel Luke Rutledge was only thinking of saving Olivia from his brother when he took Adam’s place at the party. But now she’s in his arms Luke can’t think at all! The attraction is immediate, the sex explosive and the truth disastrous. How can he tell Olivia that the man she can’t keep her hands off isn’t Adam after all it’s Luke?

Patricia Lakin / Doug Cushman: Information Please: The Librarian. Raintree Pub 1995

Leah Delia Larson / Jane Littlefield [Ill.]: „A Cataloging Carol„. In: Library Student Journal, November 2006

Kathryn Lasky: The Librarian Who Measured the Earth. Little, Brown & Co. 1994
* Lebensgeschichte des Bibliothekars und Wissenschaftlers Erastothenes

Rosemary Laurey: Kiss Me Forever/Love Me Forever. Kensington Pub 2004
* South Carolinian librarian Dixie LaPage travels to England to look over her recent inheritance, the Orchard House in Bringham. (…) Vampire Kit Marlowe shocks even himself when he finds the mortal American so appealing that he wants more than just a tasty morsel. He becomes her protector from Sebastian and his witches…

Alessandra Lavagnino: Librarians of Alexandria: A Tale of Two Sisters. Steerforth Italia 2006
* The librarians are the two Sisters Canterno: the beautiful, impassioned Marta and the withdrawn yet loving Margherita. Their intertwining stories are told by Marta’s daughter, Adriana, who alternately narrates as a young girl and as a grown woman, reminiscing with the aged and infirm Margherita. Set in Alexandria, Rome, and Palermo, the novel is at once circular and epic, a love song to culture – to languages and books, art and music – told in sensuous prose that evokes the sounds of rustling parchment manuscripts, parlor games, songs, and the strife of antiaircraft fire, while conjuring the scents of old libraries, dusty alleys, silkworm farms, and mandarin oranges.

Kathleen Lawless: Untamed. Pocket Books 2005

Richard Laymon: In the Dark. Dorchester 2001
* Donnerville librarian, Jane Kerry, receives an envelope containing a 50-dollar bill and a note instructing her to „look homeward, angel“ and signed „MOG (Master of Games)“. So begins The Game – pushing Jane into crazy, immoral, criminal actions. When she tries to quit, MOG has other ideas.

Stan Lee: Dunn’s Conundrum. Grand Central Pub 1985

Billie Letts: Where the heart is. New York Warner Books 1998

Merline Lovelace: Undercover Man. Silhouette o.J. (= Silhouette Intimate Moments 669)
* Convinced her fiance is keeping secrets, shy librarian Paige Lawrence travels to France to break the engagement. But David „Doc“ Jensen’s hidden identity as an OMEGA agent soon has them both undercover — and now Paige has to trust in the only real thing she knows… David!

Jacques Laurans: La Bibliothécaire blonde. Le Temps qu’il fait 1998

John Le Carré: The spy who came in from the cold. 23. printing. London, Sydney: Pan Books 1981 [1963]

Anne D. LeClaire: Sideshow. New York: Viking Press 1994
* Boston librarian Soleil Browne agrees to be a subject in „Dreamscape,“ a sleep experiment in which dream states trigger an audiovisual display.

Richard Lee (Ill.): „You Can Tell Your Kid Will Grow Up to Be a Librarian When…“: Cartoons About the Profession. Jefferson / London: McFarland 1993

Adèle De Leeuw: With a high heart. New York: Macmillan 1945
* A college girl is unwillingly assigned to an overcrowded, understaffed county library for a summer internship, but her bookmobile travels bring her into contact with many librarians and area residents who help her turn these three months into a valuable experience.

Allison Leigh: The Bride And The Bargain. Silhouette 2008 (= Special Edition 1882)

Stanislaw Lem: Memoiren, gefunden in der Badewanne. Mit einer Einleitung des Autors. Frankfurt: Suhrkamp 1979 (= Phantastische Bibliothek 25)

Rebecca Lenkiewicz: Gezeiten der Nacht. London: Faber & Faber 2004
* deutschsprachige Erstaufführung am 17. November 2005 im Oldenburgischen Staatstheater
* Judith rebelliert gegen ihr frustrierendes Dasein als Bibliothekarin und beschließt, endlich ihre Mutter in London zu besuchen, die vor 15 Jahren die Familie verlassen hat.
* Original: The Night Season

Elsa Lewin: I, Anna <engl.>, Solo für Klarinette <dt>. Rotbuch 1992

Cathie Linz: Good Girls Do. Thorndike 2006
* Julia Wright couldn’t be more content with her job at the local library, nestled in placid, picturesque Serenity Falls. Until her wacky mother, petty-thief sister, and little niece „Toni the Biter“ decide to crash her quiet party of one . . . and a new guy roars into town on his Harley, shaking up more than just the books on her shelves.

David Lodge: Small World. In: A David Lodge Trilogy. Penguin 1993
* Joy Simpson ist Bibliothekarin des British Council in Istanbul

Kristina Lloyd: Split. Black Lace 2008

Bertha Lonsdale: Molly qualifies as a librarian. London: Bodley Head 1957

Kathy Love: Wanting what you get. New York: Kensington 2004

Peter Lovesey: Diamond solitaire. Soho Crime 2002
* Library and helpful librarian provide important clue

Phil Lovesey and the residents of Stock: If books could kill. Chelmsford: Pyewacket 2002
* Women librarians, Essex, Village communities, Detective and mystery stories
* „If Books Could Kill“ is believed to be the first crime story written with the involvement of local people with a local setting. Written by author Phil Lovesey and the people of the village, it tells the story of the librarian stumbling across a dead body in the library. But the building has been closed and locked since she was last there so how did the body get there and how did the murderer get out? Three hundred copies of the book are available from the library at £2.50 a copy and has been given financial backing by Chelmsford Borough Council and Essex County Council.

Angel Lu / Katelyn Gelle: The Librarian’s Bane. Lulu Publishing 2016

Walter K. Ludwig: Die Wandlitz-Papiere. Hillesheim: KBV 2007

John Lutz: Time exposure <orig.> / Das letzte Foto <dt.>. Heyne 1990
* Die Bibliothekarin Adelaide Lacy bittet Nudger, ihre verschwundene Schwester zu suchen. Mary Lacy soll mit Hiller, ihrem verheirateten Vorgesetzten, durchgebrannt sein. Nudger nimmt den Auftrag an und erfährt dabei, daß Hiller mit Arnie Kyle, einem stadtbekannten Gangster, zusammengearbeitet hat…

Sandy Lynn: Eye Candy. Samhain 2006

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