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Vladimir Nabokov: Pnin. Suhrkamp 1998

Salwa Al Neimi: Honigkuss. Hoffmann und Campe 2008
* Bibliothekarin, Sexualverhalten, Nonkonformismus

Marie Nicole: Thick As Thieves. Harlequin 1985 (= Intrigue 21)

Audrey Niffenegger: The Time Traveler’s Wife. MacAdam/Cage Publishing 2003
* Kommentar: Jamie McGrath schrieb in einer Mailingliste folgendes dazu: „The punk time traveling librarian, lithe as a big cat who must survive by his wits and speed when transported involuntarily to other times (no clothes), is a great addition to past discussions on librarian image in the arts“.

Hailey North: Love: undercover. New York: Avon Books 2004 (= Avon contemporary romances).
* Women librarians, Government investigators, Undercover operations, Arkansas, Love stories

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