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Peter Raftos: The Stone Ship. Pandanus 2005

Michelle Raven: Canyon der Gefühle. Roman. Ungekürzte Originalausg. RM Buch & Medien Vertrieb 2002 / Area-Verlag 2003
* Autumn Howard hat Schreckliches erlebt und will noch einmal ganz neu anfangen. Sie gibt ihren Job als Bibliothekarin in New York auf und wird Ranger im Arches National Park in Utah. In der Ruhe hier und der atemberaubenden Landschaft hofft sie, alles vergessen zu können. Der Anfang ist allerdings nicht leicht. Gleich am ersten Tag verdreht sie sich das Bein und bleibt hilflos liegen. Nur dank eines Zufalles wird sie von Shane Hunter gefunden. Der Ranger, der in seiner Freizeit im Park fotografiert, ist hingerissen von der neuen Kollegin. Als er ihr Knie untersuchen möchte, entdeckt er entsetzt die vielen Narben auf ihrem Bein. Außerdem entgeht ihm nicht, dass Autumn panische Angst vor ihm zu haben scheint. Statt über die Hilfe glücklich zu sein, reagiert sie verstört und abweisend. Was ist nur mit ihr los? Mit viel Geduld und liebevoller Zuneigung schafft Shane es, Autumns Angst zu vertreiben. Wenn er nur wüsste, welches Geheimnis sie verbirgt, dann könnte er ihr sicher helfen. Doch da wird Autumn plötzlich von ihrer Vergangenheit eingeholt… [Quelle: Website der Autorin]
* Autorin ist selbst Bibliothekarin in Deutschland

Sean Reycraft: One good marriage. Winnipeg: Scirocco Drama 2004
* Playwright Reycraft introduces his newlyweds, Stephanie and Stewart, on their first year wedding anniversary and from this vantage point the two share the past two years of their lives. From how they met — each worked at the local high school in Glencoe, Ontario; she was the English teacher, he the librarian. Through their courtship — they tried to keep it a secret, at first. To their eventual public engagement — the students began to tease them in the halls. And finally arriving at their fateful wedding day…

Dolores Stewart Riccio: The Divine Circle Of Ladies Making Mischief. Kensington Publ. 2005
*- Five spirited women–Cass, owner of a herbal products business; Heather, a wealthy benefactor of no-kill animal shelters; Phillipa, a witty poet; Deirdre, an anatomically correct dollmaker; and Fiona, a librarian–wreak havoc in their quiet New England town.

Lisa Marie Rice: Dangerous Secrets. Avon 2008
* „Small-town librarian Charity Prewitt never dreamed she’d meet and fall in love with a man like Nicholas Ames. The handsome, rich, charming, sexy-as-hell millionaire blew into tiny Parker’s Ridge, Vermont, and immediately rocked her world“…

Luanne Rice: Silver Bells. Bantam 2005
* Troubled by haunting memories of the past, a rugged Christmas tree farmer from Nova Scotia and a reclusive young librarian from New York City come together amid the holiday magic of a glittering city, in a tender story of love, hope, and renewal

Kimberly Richardson: Tales from a Goth Librarian. Memphis: Kerlak 2009

Christie Ridgway: Follow that groom! Richmond: Mills & Boon 1998 (= Enchanted)
* Librarians, False personation, Interpersonal attraction

Liz Rigbey: Total Eclipse. Orion 2006
* „The other-worldly Lomax is assisted at times by a roly-poly colleague who has eyes for him; a misanthropic, nicotine-addicted children’s librarian with encyclopedic knowledge of her neighbors‘ foibles; and a strange woman with a super-sensitive olfactory system.“

Nora Roberts: Key of Light. New York: Jove Books 2003
* A mysterious invitation brings three strangers–gallery manager Malory Price, librarian Dana Steele, and hairdresser Zoe McCourt–to Warrior’s Peak, a castlelike estate outside of Pleasant Valley, Pennsylvania, where their elegantly enigmatic hosts, Rowena and Pitte, offer the opportunity to participate in an unusual quest.

Nora Roberts: Key of Knowledge. New York: Jove Books 2003

Nora Roberts: Key of Valor. New York: Jove Books 2003

Pamela Rochford: Die Bibliothekarin. Erotischer Roman. Bastei-Lübbe 2001
* eher dümmlich, aber doch unterhaltsam, geht ganz schön zur Sache

Ted Rockwell / Bob Rockwell: The virtual librarian. A tale of alternative realities. Lincoln: iUniverse 2008

M.J. Rodgers: The Adventuress. Harlequin 1994 (= American Romance 520)
* scheue Bibliothekarin kriegt bei Flugzeugabsturz eine auf den Schädel, verliert das Gedächtnis und hält sich für die abenteuerlustige Heldin der von ihr geschriebenen Romane

Jean Romain: Le bibliothecaire. Age d’homme 2003
* Au moment du calcul du méridien terrestre par Ératosthène, en 205 av. J.-C., ce troisième bibliothécaire du musée d’Alexandrie rêve de collecter tout le savoir de l’univers.

Pam Rosenthal: The Bookseller’s Daughter. Kensington Books / Brava 2004
* Inhalt: For Maire-Laure Vernet, serving as a scullery maid to a bored, aristocratic family isn’t without its dangers. Trying to avoid the unwelcome predations of the men and their guests is one. Keeping the china in one piece is another—especially when she finds herself serving Viscomte Joseph d’Auvers-Raimond. Only Marie-Laure knows that Joseph is also a smuggler of forbidden books who’d once fallen ill in her late father’s bookshop. That fateful meeting led to an innocent flirtation, fueled by a shared passion for books and ideas, but it had awakened desires that changed Marie-Laure forever. Joseph hasn’t forgotten the encounter either. His papers are littered with drafts of an erotic story about a girl who bears a distinct resemblance to the servant spilling his tea. While pleasuring the jaded women of the aristocracy, he’d pictured this girl with the coppery hair and the ink-stained fingers who could indulge both his intellect and his most feverish desires. Now, the only way to save her from becoming his family’s plaything is to seduce her first, and the lady seems extremely willing to comply… In the shadow of the French Revolution, two lovers embark on a seduction that plunges them into the heart of the aristocracy’s most vindictive, carnal games, where white-hot desire is exceeded only by deception, betrayal—and murder…

Gerhard Roth: Der Plan. Fischer-Taschenbuch 2002
* Rezension von Rikin Winter, 7. April 1998 [Volltext/html]
* Rezension von Monika Bargmann in: AKMB News 9 (2003) 3, S. 44

Joanna Russ: The Female Man. Boston: Beacon Press 1998
* Living in an altered past that never saw the end of the Great Depression, Jeannine, a librarian, is waiting to be married. Joanna, a 1970s feminist, is trying to succeed in a man’s world. Janet is from Whileaway, a utopian earth where only women exist. And Jael is from an earth in the not-so-distant future, with separate-and warring-female and male societies. When these four women meet, the results are startling, outrageous, and subversive.

Jenifer A. Ruth: The guardian. 1st ed. Waterville: Five Star 2005
* Magicians, Supernatural, Women librarians–Crimes against; Las Vegas, Romantic suspense fiction, Occult fiction